A Scoliosis Dance Film
Presented by Straight Forward Foundation

“This film not only speaks volumes to our Foundation, but we hope that it truly inspires and encourages all other artists and entertainers from all over the world living with this condition to never stop and to never settle. To always put your best foot forward and believe you can achieve anything you put your mind, energy and heart into.”

Behind-the-scenes footage of “Unbraced” being filmed. Directed by Cara Scott the film seeks to promote scoliosis awareness and empowerment by capturing the movement of these incredible dancers who live with and continue to move with scoliosis in the expression of their art form.

Director Cara Scott Commented on the film stating “‘Unbraced’ is a film in part inspired by my personal growth as a young dancer with scoliosis & spinal fusion to now finding a supportive community with similar backgrounds and stories.”

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